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The Joule School  

Welcome to The Joule School (R)


The Joule School offers a humanities-based core curriculum supplemented with computer science, foreign language, and fine arts.   We place a heavy emphasis on the development of logical thinking, writing, and speaking ability, so that students are well prepared for any high school.  Our small class sizes allow for plenty of personalized attention from an instructor, plus the opportunity to build close lifelong friendships. 

Our curriculum is ability-based rather than age based.  Students are placed in whichever course is appropriate for their level, allowing them to be accelerated in subjects where they need additional challenge.  Our longer school day allows students to complete homework at school, so no work is required in the evenings.  Students in our middle school program also have access to several electives and competitive teams which are not available to younger students.  We offer ro tating mini-courses in entrepreneurship, financial literacy, mechanical engineering, dance, and many other subjects.  In addition, students are able to compete in academic tournaments such as Destination Imagination.


Admissions Information

The Joule School admits students ages 10-14 for middle school classes.  Our program runs from 8:15 - 4:00 Monday through Friday. 

Our next available start date for new students is September 2017.  We are currently accepting applications for 6th-8th grade.    

The application process begins with a 45 minute phone interview, after which your child may be invited for a school visit.  Click the yellow button below to choose a date and time for your interview.