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Traditional, worksheet-based education is not right for everyone.  If you feel that your child would perform better and be happier in a challenging, hands-on classroom, apply today.  

What We Look For

Joule exists to serve the gifted community.  There are several ways that giftedness manifests, all of which we celebrate here at our school.  Here are just a few examples of the type of students we admit:

The Builders

Some students seem to have a knack for designing and constructing machines.  They also seem to have a knack for dismantling them - like your computer, the vacuum, the toaster, and maybe even the plumbing in your bathroom if they can get their hands on it.  Every small piece of string or scrap of plastic seems to find its way into their pockets to be used for a project later.  They might not be interested in traditional schooling and their grades may be mediocre, but if you asked them to build a machine to transport your cat down the stairs, they would do it, and it would be like no machine anyone had ever seen before.

The Artists

Some students cannot seem to stop creating art or performance pieces, even though you desperately need them to spend at least a few minutes on boring, practical things like remembering to put on pants.  Their spelling tests come home covered with pictures of unicorns, or you ask them to clean their room and find them conducting a magic show instead.  They seem to have an unlimited reserve of ideas in their heads, and they might seem much more interested in those ideas than the world around them.  They love music, painting, dance, and creative writing.  

The Academics

Given a task or worksheet, these students will fly through it and then wait - and wait - until their teacher gives them more work to do, or they'll pull out a book and start teaching themselves advanced math or Greek mythology.  They might procrastinate just to give a bit of extra challenge to a project (or just because they don't think the work is interesting or challenging enough).  They may have difficulty making friends because students their age aren't interested in the same things.  While they do well in school, they might be bored, frustrated, or irritated if they are not allowed to learn material at their own pace, and instead have to kill time between lessons.     

There are many more types of gifted kids in the world, and we welcome them all here at the school!

Nondiscrimination Policy:  The Joule School adheres to a policy of nondiscrimination and equal educational opportunity for all students enrolled in the educational programs of the School, including but not limited to: course offerings, athletic programs, guidance and counseling, assessment, and extracurricular activities.  Students and families of any background are welcome in our community, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, color, creed, religion, or national origin.  Staff and other members of the school community respect the rights of our children to receive an education in an atmosphere that is conducive to learning and free from discriminatory practices.

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