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Admissions Requirements

Thank you for checking out our school!  Here are a few things you should know about the admissions requirements below:

1. All ages are a RECOMMENDED GUIDELINE.  Your child will be evaluated holistically and a program determination made based on their academic, emotional, and social level, not their physical age. 

2. Joule is a school for gifted children, but that does not always mean "academic whiz kids."  Dual exceptionalities and giftedness in non-academic areas such as the arts are normal here.  The curriculum is rigorous, but it is also tailored to each student's academic level.  We look for creativity and self-motivation in applicants; they do not need to be on the honor roll.

3. We accept the following evidence of giftedness for students 6 and older: traditional IQ tests, prior enrollment in a public GT, TAG, or GATE program, or portfolio evaluation (contact the School for more information, as portfolio requirements vary by age).  For students 5 and younger, we look for the ability to be successful in our primary program, which includes academic and socioemotional readiness.  We do not require IQ testing for primary students.        


Primary (3-6 years old)

The lowest level of curriculum that we offer is kindergarten.  We do not have a preschool or daycare program on campus, and therefore all students must demonstrate a basic readiness for kindergarten-level work in order to be accepted.  

To apply for Primary A, your child must be at least 2 1/2 years old, able to count to 20 independently, and know all of their letters and letter-sound associations.  ALL students must be potty trained to the point where they require no assistance at the toilet and no longer napping, as we do not have a nap in our school schedule.  

Older and more advanced students should apply for Primary B.

Elementary (6-11 Years OLD) +
Middle (11-14 Years Old)

Students in elementary and middle school must be evaluated for giftedness before applying to Joule.  Most parents provide us with independent IQ test results, available from local psychologists, and/or evidence of enrollment in a public school gifted program.  Either of these will fulfill the admission requirement.  

For IQ testing, we only require that a student score in the 98th percentile in one or more subtests, as is the case for Mensa admission.  The WISC-V is the most common test used for evaluation at Joule, but we can accept others - please contact the school for questions about individual test types and results.

Families who do not have these documents can request a portfolio review and on-campus academic testing.  The fee for this evaluation is $500, and the school may request standardized test results, copies of artistic or written work, or other documentation as part of the review.  The most unique portfolio we've received included a video of the student performing a magic show, so do not hold back!  We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your child and determine if Joule might be a place where they can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.