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The Joule School  

Welcome to The Joule School (R)


The Joule School is a fun way to get a great foundation in core subjects without using worksheets!  We follow the Montessori Method in the early grades, with an emphasis on developing independence, responsibility, and a love of learning.  Students have the opportunity to study a wide variety of extracurricular subjects, including gardening, cooking, and foreign language, in addition to time for play and student-led exploration.    

We teach four standard subjects in the early grades: science, math, literacy, and history.  However, our classes never take place in a desk; we believe that lecture and worksheets are an inappropriate way to educate children.  Instead, we attach "dinosaur feet" to our shoes and create prints in the mud, then pour, press, and erode sediment to explore the way that geologic processes create fossils in Science. We sing songs written especially for the school to learn about phonemes and digraphs, and shape our letters in salt and clay during Reading.  Best of all, we dress up and go outside to role-play as hunters and gatherers, Viking explorers, or Aztec priests in History. 


Admissions Information

The Joule School admits students ages 3-6 for our primary classes.  We have both full-day  and partial day options available for primary students.  Both programs are Monday through Friday.

Admissions opportunities change periodically depending on the composition of existing classes.  We are currently accepting applications for September 2018 and January 2019 start dates.  

The application process begins with a 30 minute phone interview, after which your child may be invited for a school visit.  Click the yellow button at the bottom of the page to choose a date and time for your interview.