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The Joule School  

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Our School

Working with gifted students is our specialty, but we differ in several significant ways from a traditional accelerated program.  Joule is not a competitive or grades-focused school environment.  We have a strong focus on developing empathy, autonomy, and excitement about the lifelong learning process.  Enthusiasm for school is the hallmark of our program, and we have a strong record of re-igniting the love of learning that may be lost in traditional education.  

Some of the hallmarks of our school are:

Hands-On Classes

Joule is a completely hands-on school.  Our entire school day is spent building, re-enacting, debating, and/or setting things on fire.  All classes from primary through 8th grade are interactive.  As such, Joule is a great fit for students who need to move and create during school.  If your child has ever disassembled something to find out how it works, they'll fit right in.  

Strong Focus on Empathy

Gifted students tend to be concerned early on with macro social justice issues like poverty, world hunger, or the plight of shelter animals.  We encourage and develop empathy with a world history focused curriculum, service projects, and a progressive school culture.  The intent of our school is to develop compassionate, globally minded adults who appreciate people from a wide range of backgrounds.  We also have a strict policy on bullying and work hard to ensure our students demonstrate the school value of kindness everyday.

Multi-Age Format

Joule uses multi-age class groupings in the Montessori style.  Because we are a microschool, the dynamic is more similar to a large homeschooling family than a traditional academy.  Students have significant opportunities to build friendships and network with students at a variety of age levels.  There is no artificial stratification by age here.  Some of the closest friendships at the school are between kids from different age groups.