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The Joule School  

Welcome to The Joule School (R)


School Snapshot

Joule is an inclusive and diverse place to learn.  We are proud of our efforts to create a welcoming environment with families of many different backgrounds.  Our teaching and learning demographic information for the 2019-2020 school year is below (last updated August 2019).


Student Stats

Student Body

Boys: 52%

Girls: 48%

Identified GT due to IQ: 91%

Identified GT due to Art/Other: 9%

Twice Exceptional: 33%


Local Area (Cedar Park)

Asian or South Asian: 9%

Black/African-American: 3%

Caucasian: 81% 

Native American: 0%

Not Listed or Multiracial: 7%

The Joule School

Asian or South Asian: 18%

Black/African-American:  2%

Caucasian: 69%

Native American: 1%

Not Listed or Multiracial: 9%

Class Stats

Maximum Class Size

Kinder/Bridge: 11

Elementary and up: 15

Average Class Size: 7-12

Teacher Stats

Faculty Profile:

Bachelor's degree: 100%
Graduate degree (M.Ed or Ph.D): 80%
Average years in education: 7